1 Day Cao Dai & Cu-Chi Tunnel


Travel to the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City to visit the unusual Cao Dai Temple at Tay Ninh and explore the historic Cu Chi Tunnels. Drive through the countryside to the colorful, whimsical building which is home to the eclectic Cao Dai religion. Journey from here to Cu Chi Tunnels, an incredible network of 250 km underground tunnels constructed by the Vietnamese resistance fighters during the French and American wars.




Depart Ho Chi Minh City at 0800 in the morning for the drive to Tay Ninh. Leaving the city behind, the scenery changes to views of rice paddies, villagers drying noodles by the side of the road and other scenes typical to southern Vietnam.


At Tay Ninh visit the Cao Dai Great Temple, with architecture that could have come straight from a Walt Disney fantasy and where all the major faiths of the world blend together in a unique religious mosaic.


After lunch in a local restaurant visit the famous Cu Chi Tunnels which consist of an incredible underground tunnel network constructed by Vietnamese resistance fighters (Viet Cong) during both the French and American wars. Start the visit with the Ben Dinh or Ben Duoc sections of the tunnel. Here you can imagine what it was like to be a guerrilla complete with Russian Carbine rifles and AK 47’s on display. In the late afternoon journey back to Ho Chi Minh City. 


OPTIONAL: A special guide can be arranged for those with a deep interest in the Cu Chi Tunnels. Mr Huynh Van Chia, affectionately known as Mr Nam, lived and fought in the tunnels for 12 years and his tour includes first-hand accounts on life in the wartime era tunnels.  Mr. Nam will discuss his experience with you prior to entering the tunnels.  Depending on his schedule, Mr. Nam may or may not be able to accompany you through the tunnels.


OPTIONAL: Located close to the Cu Chi Tunnels is the Wildlife at Risk (WAR) rescue centre. The centre is the first multi-species wildlife hospital and holding facility in southern Vietnam and its main purpose is to help stop the endangered wildlife trade in Vietnam. You’ll be taken on a guided tour through the centre where educational displays and information about the country's biodiversity can be seen as well as some of the animals themselves (though no contact with the animals will be made). Availability is upon request.


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